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If booked via Airbnb, please always refer to our up-to-date house rules on the Airbnb site.
For direct bookings, these house rules apply alongside our T&Cs.

Number of guests:

•            If you book either Laatokka or Rose Cottage guests with linen included, the price is adjusted to the number of guests who book. This means, however, that for every booking, we make up the requested and paid-for beds with care. Remaining beds are covered and not to be used. Otherwise we will need to charge extra for laundry.

•            Bed throws are not to be used as picnic blankets or taken to the beach.
•            If you would like to use any other beds during your stay, please amend your booking to include more guests or alternatively contact us for additional pricing for extra linen.
•            Should you be unsure which beds you would like to use, you can decide on arrival and we will make up the beds then. Otherwise, we reserve the right to charge you for the beds used but not paid for.

Visiting guests:
•            You book and pay for a certain number of people to use the cabin. No extra guests are allowed to stay if not booked for. Please speak to us prior to your stay if you wish to alter the amount of people staying.
•            Any day visitors are only allowed with our permission and we reserve ourselves the right to charge extra for this.

•            We reserve the right to inspect the property at any time during your stay.


•            No smoking inside the cabin at any time to avoid fire risk and contamination of the cabin.
•            When smoking outside, please use the designated ashtray or an adequate dish.

Infants and young children
•            Must always be supervised as there is currently no gate at the entrance to the road and we have a (fenced) pool on the property.
•            Be aware that each cabin has cleaning products either high up on a shelf and out of reach for children or under the kitchen sink which has a child safety lock. If safety plugs for sockets are needed, please speak to us as we can provide them.
•            Please also supervise your children and pets when using the wood burner, BBQ or firepit.


•            Only use charcoal and fit-for-purpose firelighters in the BBQs to avoid damage.
•            Do not put (hot) ash in the bins.
•            Place the BBQ away from windows as the heat will break the glass.

•            Do not place the firepit on grass or on wooden/other decking as sparks might cause a fire.
•            Please speak to us if unsure about anything.

•            Only use firewood and fit-for-purpose firelighters (i.e., no petroleum) in the firepits.
•            Do not put (hot) ash in the bins.
•            Place the firepit outside on firm ground away from the roof or any low-hanging trees.
•            Do not place the firepit on grass or on wooden/other decking as sparks might cause a fire.
•            Keep fires small and controllable at all times!!!
•            Before leaving the fire pit, ensure that you have either closed the lid or that the fire is out.

Music / Noise:
•            Music is not to be played loudly outside at any time to respect other guests on the property, the wildlife and our neighbours.
•            If playing music outside, please be conscious of the time and the volume to respect other guests on the property.

•            Please keep your voices low if sitting outside after 10pm


•            We are a family run business and are not opposed to some small celebrations as long as we are aware of them and they are controlled.
•            We do not allow big parties that don't respect the property.
•            We reserve the right to inspect the property at any time during your stay.
•            We expect that the property is respected and left as found.
•            If excessive cleaning is needed due to guests not following these rules, we will charge you extra for these cleaning services.


•            We don't expect furniture to be moved around and not be put back to their original place.

•            We welcome well-behaved dogs, however please ensure they stay off the furniture (beds, sofa, etc.) as it is very difficult and time-consuming to fully remove dog hair for future guests. Extra towels for your dog(s) can be provided upon request.
•            Dogs are not to be left unattended in the cabin unless in a crate.
•            We are happy for dogs to be off the lead on the property, but we ask you to please consider other guests on the property and their preferences.
•            Please ensure you clean up after your dog
•            A certain number of dogs are allowed depending on the cabin. We charge a fee per dog.

•            Do NOT shower your dog in the shower as all the hair will block our drains. We have hose pipes around the property for that purpose.

•            The pool can be used free of charge at any time when it is open and not booked for sauna use.
•            When booking the sauna, the pool is for your exclusive use.
•            The pool is not heated.

•            The pool is not open during winter. We aim to have the pool open between April and September. 


The cabins are self-catering:

•            We therefore only provide basics for arrival, for example: instant coffee, some tea bags, sugar and toilet paper. Charcoal for the BBQ and logs for the fire pit are also not included in booking but can be purchased on site.

•            The wood-fired sauna cabin can be hired for an extra fee. If you would like to hire it, please speak to us.


•            Our hot tubs are Original Kirami wood-fired hot tubs. Each hot tub is private to the corresponding cabin and can be used all year round. 

•            We clean and fill the hot tub with fresh water for each new guest. 

•            Thereafter, there are two options for heating the hot tub.

OPTION 1: We can heat it with firewood for you. Depending on the outside temperature, it can take between 3 to 5 hours to heat it for the first use, so please let us know in advance if and when you would like to have the hot tub ready. All logs needed for the hot tub are provided and included in the price. The fee per day becomes cheaper if you book more days.


OPTION 2: You bring along your own wood to heat the hot tub. We will fill the hot tub for your arrival, provide chlorine tablets and will clean the hot tub at the end of your stay. We will of course give you instructions as to how to best get them heated. The fee is adjusted to reflect the hiring of the hot tub only.

•            The wood-fired hot tub needs to be booked in advance and paid for before or on arrival either via bank transfer (directly to us) or cash before or on arrival. It takes several hours to get it ready, so we need to know in advance whether you would like to book it (day/approx time) if you book option 1.

•            Do NOT drain water from the hot tub whilst a fire is going in the heater! This can cause damage to the heater elements and hot tub which can cost up to £1000 to get fixed.

•            With the booking of the hot tub you agree to have read and understood the safety instructions for the hot tub use (available in the cabin).

•            Please ensure that the chlorine tablet holder is in the tub when not in use should you have booked the hot tub for more than one session.

•            The logs we provide for the hot tub are for the hot tub only and not to be used for the fire pit. You can purchase extra wood from us or of course bring your own.

•            Both sauna and hot tub are to be paid directly to us (not via Airbnb).

Wood burner:
•            Please close the door of the wood burner when not attending to the fire.
•            Do NOT put anything on the wood-burning stove as it can melt or catch fire!
•            Please watch your children around fire at any time and don't let them touch the burner.


•            Please blow out any lit candles before leaving the cabin or going to bed to avoid fire risk.


•            We provide a bath towel per person (Airbnb: inclusive, SC: optional). Please do not take our towels to the beach. Thank you.
•            Please do not take our bed covers out to sit on grass or to the beach either.


•            If there is damage to the property, we expect this to be refunded.


•            If there are any problems or you are unhappy about something, please speak to us while you are here. We cannot resolve complaints after departure.

If you are unsure about anything at any time, please do not hesitate to ask us as we are more than happy to help and answer any queries.

Thank you.

Suomi Cabins, April 2024

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